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     As a mother of three children, a grandmother, and a wife, I know what busy is all about! However, my health has always been extremely important to me. I started out in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor 35 years ago. Then received my BS degree in Exercise Science, later received my Master’s Degree in Physical Education, and now a Certified Personal Trainer! I have enjoyed instructing group fitness classes, training my clients, and teaching P.E. to my elementary students. I will continue to do what I love, and excited to add one more passion to my list!
     God and my family are most important to me. They are the ones that pushed me and encouraged me to start an online program! I also understand how hard it is to keep up with family, friends, a job, and personal health. That is why I had the idea to offer my services to you, at any time! It started out as my daughter and I videoing my home exercises and livestreaming them over social media. Then, we gained more viewers and realized there are more people who didn’t want to or couldn’t leave the house to get their workout in. Not only is exercise important for our bodies, but our minds, too! My goal is to help you strengthen your mental & physical health, boost your self-confidence in who you are, and build a community by bettering ourselves together!

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